Center for Feminist Artificial Intelligence

A lack of clear policies leads to a largely unregulated digital ecosystem. AI can be used as a weapon against democratic values and equality, with the potential to harm large numbers of people. Countless cases show how the unsupervised use of AI systems leads to discrimination based on gender, skin color, origin, income, and more. EU lawmakers are in the starting blocks with a law to create trustworthy AI. The AI Act is scheduled to take effect in 2024. Can this law sufficiently address the challenges of our time?

The potential for discrimination highlights historical biases, data gaps, and injustices to our society. Can we develop a positive vision for the future? AI systems hold up a mirror to our society. Feminist AI and digital policy means that digitalization is an opportunity to expose inequalities. Digital policy and governance can be applied to improve more equitable AI systems along the entire lifecycle and based on all interfaces with humans. We are looking for the sweet spot of humans and machines.

Since multiple perspectives need to be considered for this vision, we established the first Feminist AI and digital policy roundtable in July 2022. We aim to find ways to successfully feminize AI and digital policy in terms of AI law and corporate governance.