My story

I am passionately committed to a future in which we celebrate diversity and recognize that only in a world of equity, we can set the maxims for peace, happiness, and true freedom. Inclusive Feminism is a cross-cutting tasks. That is why I am committed to further developing this philosophy in various projects and subject areas.

I selected my first six years of work experience within a Food International. Working with global-scale brands such as Milka and Oreo, developing market entry and selling strategies, understanding consumer behaviour and the challenges coming with a capitalist business were a huge growth opportunity on different levels.

Do what you love

I brought my marketing and strategy experience into the political world. As spokesperson of female empowerment in Hamburg for the Greens, I enlarged my knowledge about feminist theory and the major challenges within our patriarchy. Strategically, I organised the election for the youngest Green politician: our success proves the intensive effort we put into our work, especially for young women as we needed to prove our ability even more.

Being part of the German Parliament, New Work approach test their restrictions, and digital policy, I am thankful I have gained so many insights into the German House of Cards.

At my time at Q_Perior and EnableYou, I learned a lot about challenges related to compliance, regulations and value creation. It taught me strong learnings on perseverance, dealing with frustrations and how amazing work colleagues ca be!

During my MBA I realised my passion for Feminist Policy and Technology. As the EU AI Act just started, I focussed my research on evaluating the ethical dimensions of it. As a Feminist, I quickly understood the lack of feminist approach in digital policy. This is why I am glad to support his movement with FemAI – Center for Feminist Artificial Intelligence.